Recently there has been an increased trend in theft rates across the United States. We have seen many entering the legal system and wanted to bring this to the public eye. The FBI reports that there has been a 2.0% increase in robbery and a 1.9% increase in larceny-theft in 2013 in comparison to 2012. […]

Just recently the United States Supreme Court ruled that employers were not mandated to pay employees of the union for the amount of time spent putting on and taking off their protective clothes and gear. Further emphasizing the point that it was never implied or stated in the collective bargaining agreement that they should receive […]

Photography is a form of self expression, a form of part, a crucial part of citizen journalism, and yet it’s such a legally controversial and debated topic in courts around the world. Photography of other people on private property and in public is a thorny subject – the liberty of artistic expression clashes with the […]

More people are being introduced to consumer drones and purchasing them for themselves. They have discovered how easy and fun they are to fly, and are seeing them being used more as they have become a hot new item in electronics. Their price has decreased to a point where people can easily afford a drone […]

Nursing home abuse statistics paint a grim picture – 2.1 million elderly Americans are victims of nursing homes abuse every year, be it physical or psychological, and over 50% of these cases happen because of neglect. Statistics also show that, in 2010, 91% of nursing homes lacked adequate staff to properly care for patients and […]